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The stability and consistency of the quality of cast iron production technology in china


The stability and consistency of the quality of cast iron production technology in china

In the production of cast iron in my country, the stability and poor consistency of quality are an old problem, which is mainly reflected in the large fluctuations in the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the material, and the defects of the castings cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, how to improve and maintain the stability and consistency of casting quality is still a problem that we need to face and pay attention to in the future, and it is also the key to our country's transformation from a large casting country to a casting power.

  • (1) The leaders and engineers of the enterprise must change their ideas, from "reducing costs first and then improving quality" to "guaranteeing quality first and then thinking about reducing costs".
  • (2) Pay attention to the procurement and application of high-quality raw and auxiliary materials. Workers in my country who have been engaged in foundry research and production for a long time lament: For decades, we have been limited to the country’s resources and technological foundations. Research on REMg spheroidizing agent on pig iron raw materials, as a result, the temperature and quality of molten iron cannot be improved, the performance of ductile iron cannot be improved, and various defects are always difficult to cure. At the same time, the cost of our castings is not low due to the poor quality of our castings and a lot of waste. Therefore, we must learn profound lessons to ensure the quality of castings from the source.
  • (3) Strengthen the process control of every link in production.
  • (4) Application of inspection technology, such as ultrasonic inspection, radiographic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, spheroidization rate inspection, etc.
  • (5) Make full use of numerical simulation technology (solidification temperature field, molten iron filling, flow field pressure simulation) to predict casting defects and optimize the casting process.

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