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The new covering agent increases the casting production rate by 5%-8%.


The new covering agent increases the casting production rate by 5%-8%.

Feeders are widely used in the production of large castings. How to strengthen the heat preservation of the feeder molten steel, reduce the heat dissipation rate, and extend the retention time of the molten steel is the goal pursued by the production of large steel castings. The riser covering agent is often used as a casting auxiliary material. . Chinese foundry companies generally use plant ash and carbonized rice husk as covering agents. The storage of plant ash is troublesome and severely pollutes the working environment during use; the carbonized rice husk has poor spreadability, unstable thermal insulation effect, carbon increase for low-carbon or ultra-low-carbon steel, and is easy to crust, which also causes great environmental pollution.

The performance of the covering agent used abroad is basically the same as that of the domestic covering agent, but the price is 5 times the domestic price. It is one of the goals of this project to develop a new thermal insulation covering agent material suitable for large-scale steel castings, and to solve the problems in the production of large-scale low-carbon steel castings in China.

Based on the silicate phase diagram, as the basic slag system, by studying the influence of the content of each component on the thermal conductivity, melting temperature and expansion performance, analyzing the microstructure morphology of the slag-liquid layer and the transition layer, a new type of thermal insulation was optimized and developed. Riser covering agent.

At the same time, this project optimizes the method of adding the covering agent. In the actual production application, the covering agent is added after the molten steel in the riser rises to 1/2 -2/3. The bottom of the riser is relatively flat, and the casting has no defects. The riser shrinks into a dish or flat shape. After the riser is dissected, the structure of the riser is dense, which improves the production rate of castings by 5%-8%.

The successful application of key forming technology has improved the technical level of large steel casting manufacturers, enabling the company to have its own intellectual property rights and core technology. It has promoted the improvement of my country's difficult production level of large steel castings, and guaranteed the production schedule and quality of large equipment. It broke the foreign monopoly on my country's high-end large steel casting manufacturing technology. Accelerating the rapid development of my country's equipment manufacturing industry, effectively alleviating the urgent need for large-scale steel castings in my country's aerospace, defense, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electric power and machinery manufacturing industries, is of great significance to improving the level of my country's large-scale equipment manufacturing industry.

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