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Points for Attention in the Production of Wear-resistant Castings by Casting Process

Points for Attention in the Production of Wear-resistant Castings by Casting Process

1. Pay attention to process test and process accumulation

Through the development of the process test process, understanding the V method casting process route of wear-resistant castings, and being familiar with the key points of process control and process parameters are of great significance to the smooth development of the V method casting project. In the early stage of V method casting in Canada, the lack of the above links caused major losses for many companies, and it has gradually attracted the attention of more and more companies. In particular, the use and control of vacuum is an important feature of the V method casting process that is different from traditional sand casting, and it has a profound impact on the quality of products and the control of the production management process. It is not difficult to see from the case of foreign wear-resistant enterprises that in the process of exploration, sufficient product production tests have also been carried out, from single piece to small batch, from simple process equipment to large-scale production line, and on the basis of full analysis of the process, Corresponding V method process equipment and production lines have more sufficient knowledge and risk prediction, laying the foundation for subsequent mass production.

2. Pay attention to the design of systematic engineering

The construction of the wear-resistant casting workshop is a systematic project. In addition to the production design and equipment itself, the logistics design of the workshop layout, the matching of raw and auxiliary materials, the matching of the heat treatment system, the matching of the machining equipment, etc. must be used as the turnover of the system with the sand box. As an example, wear-resistant castings have a long heat preservation and cooling time, which limits the circulation speed of the sand box to a certain extent. The ordering of a large number of sand boxes not only greatly increases the cost of the enterprise, but also causes difficulties in management and use. It is possible to speed up the circulation of sand boxes by adopting the construction of cooling three-dimensional warehouses and designing cooling trays, while saving production space. The design and production of standardized pallets meet the requirements of forklift transportation without adding too much labor, achieving the requirements of process production and reducing equipment investment costs. At the same time, the system operation efficiency is improved.

3. Pay attention to the directed research and development of equipment

For a long time, the domestic V method casting production line layout design and the level of key technologies are not high, and the key tooling equipment such as sand boxes has a single structure, which is difficult to meet the process production requirements of various types of products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the production characteristics of the V casting wear-resistant casting process, and carry out the corresponding research and development design of the equipment in order to achieve the process requirements, and support different types of production line styles to meet the needs of different enterprises. Take the sand box as an example. As the core content of the V method casting production line, the sand box structure design is the core equipment to ensure product quality. In the past production experience, production problems caused by the structure of the sand box have emerged one after another. For the production of wear-resistant castings by the V method, the size of the sand box is often huge; how to realize the production of multiple varieties of castings, on the basis of ensuring the versatility of the sand box, meet the requirements of the process layout such as risers as much as possible, and at the same time facilitate the production organization Management and maintenance of the sand box itself are both important parts of the sand box design. In addition, the use and control of the vacuum system, the design of the production line layout and the arrangement of the production rhythm will all be the key research parts of the equipment used in the production of wear-resistant parts V method casting.

4. Pay attention to the use of raw and auxiliary materials

Raw and auxiliary materials have a direct impact on the quality of castings. Pay attention to the use of raw and auxiliary materials, and understand the impact of raw and auxiliary materials on the process and product quality, which is of great significance for improving the quality of castings. The V method casting process particularly emphasizes the use of film and coating control, and the wear-resistant casting itself has relatively high requirements for feeder feeding. Therefore, the use technology of EVA film, coatings, riser and other materials is in the V method for casting wear-resistant parts More critical. Especially the spraying control and drying technology of the coating, the placement of the riser and the control of the gas emission, not only affect the quality of the casting, but also affect the production efficiency and production organization arrangements. In addition, ceramic tubes and other auxiliary materials will also have an important impact on the safety of casting sand washing and pouring. The V method casting process has mature experience to follow in the production of wear-resistant castings, and this process has great development potential in China. At present, although the application of domestic V method casting technology in wear-resistant castings has been expanded, there is still a big gap with foreign advanced enterprises in terms of product quality, production efficiency and equipment level. We need to concentrate on improving the V The basic research of French process production, improve the level of equipment design and production, improve the quality of supporting equipment and raw and auxiliary materials and the technical level of use, so as to give full play to the advantages of the V method casting process and contribute to the long-term green development of wear-resistant castings in my country.

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