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The bushing is a cylindrical mechanical part that is placed on the rotating shaft and is an integral part of the sliding bearing. In general, the bushing and the bearing housing have an interference fit and a clearance fit with the shaft.

Bushings are akin to thin tubes most commonly used for machinery with rotating or sliding shafts to improve efficiency and reduce vibration and noise. Bushings can be used for drilling operations in drill jigs, hydraulic external gear pumps and motors. Other common types of bushings are bushings for cars, trucks & SUVs.

PTJ Shop Are Manufacturer of precision screw machine non-standard products including bushings for automotive applications. Materials include brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel & copper alloys in hex, square, round & special extruded shapes. Capabilities include quality control, material recycling, custom packaging, plating, heat treating, dri-loc, assembly, CNC machining, milling, tapping, drilling, slotting, broaching, cut-off & chop sawing, thread rolling, grinding, lathe work & drill pressing. After-sales service available. On-time delivery.Call us!

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Bushings Machining Advantage

  •     Large Bushings Manufacturing
  •     Custom CNC Machining
  •     Reasonable price
  •     First-class service
  •     Bushings Inspections and Material & Failure Analysis
  •     Die-Casting and Other

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Reasonable price and service paramount, forward to the operation principle of quality first and customer first, pursuit of excellence to create first-class brand, our aim is brand promoting development, management promoting earnings, warmly greeting home and abroad new and old customers to communicate and cooperate to seek greater success and brilliant future..
  •   PTJ's Advanced Technology Replacement Components do last longer and pass the true test - "The Test of Time"
  • ▶   Heat Treating; Carburized, & Induction Hardened


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PTJ has been serving customers all over the world since 2007. We keep sharping our skills and improve our equipment to make sure our customers are satisfied. We have so many loyal customers who have worked with us for more than 10 Years.
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