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Custom Car Steering Knuckle | Cnc Machining Steering Knuckle

PTJ are non-standard cnc machine shop of steering knuckle. 

The steering knuckle is one of the important parts in the steering axle of the car. The function of the steering knuckle is to transmit and bear the front load of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to make the car steer. When the car is running, it is subject to variable impact loads, so it is required to have high strength

ISO 9001:2001 & ISO 14001 certified custom manufacturer of forged automotive steering knuckles. Parts include light truck steering knuckles & heavy duty steering knuckles available in dia. from 2 in. to 20 in. & non symmetric sizes from 4 in. x 6 in. to 9 in. x 39 in.

Custom manufacturer of automotive steering knuckles. In house capabilities include cnc machining,forged and die-castings etc.

Cnc Machining Steering Knuckle


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Machining Non-standard Truck Steering Knuckle
5 Axis Cnc Machining Racing Car Steering Knuckles
Precision Machining Automotive Steering Knuckles
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Machining Steering Knuckle Industries & Applications

  •     Steering Knuckle Machining
  •     5-Axis Machining Of Steering Knuckle
  •     Other Steering Knuckle

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PTJ Shop is a comprehensive machining factory integrating cnc processing, prototype prototype development, and batch processing. PTJ Shop is a close partner of many well-known enterprises and has won a number of domestic and foreign design awards. More than 1,000 successful cases have been well received by customers. Praise and recognition, focusing on industrial product appearance processing, structural parts processing, hand board production, customized most professional design support and services for you
  •    Steering Knuckle Advantages :  Convenient clamping, with 45-degree angle station, one clamping, multiple angles, reducing repeated clamping errors
  •    Steering Knuckle Prototype Service Scope: Customers in Norway, USA, Finland, Canada, etc

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