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As a factory in China that provides cnc machined parts,we have significant advantages in other companies in terms of price and after-sales.

The average price of raw materials in Dongguan is about 10% lower than that of other countries.

After-sales service: We promise that the return of bad products & free redo.

We use 4-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes to manufacture parts from more than 30 engineering-grade metals and plastics.

Our CNC milling process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as 1 day.

PTJ expanded into CNC machining.  Currently, our maximum turning capacity is 31.5" O.D. by 34" long.   

Our machining capacity is 50" wide x 40" long x 17" high and 2,500 pounds.

Our equipment:

.CNC Live Tooling

.Turning Centers

.Sub Spindle Technology

.Cell Manufacturing

.CNC Machining Centers

.Bar Feed Machining Cells

.Auto Loading Robotic Turning Centers

Advantage cnc machined parts

.Aluminum Parts

.Auto machined parts

.Bike parts

.Prototype parts

Precision cnc machined parts case studies

cnc machined parts

                                                                                                                                           Want more parts details? Check out our full cnc parts.

Happy Customer

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We and our customers are equal friends, sharing interests and bringing more wealth.

In the past ten years, we have provided high quality to our customers all over the world.

and we have cooperated with customers in Israel, taiwan,Japan and Arabia for more than 8 years.

Contact us to see how we can provide overall value to your cnc machined parts needs.

CNC Machining Aluminum Parts
CNC Machining Stainless Steel Parts
CNC Machining Titanium Parts
CNC Machining Brass&Copper Parts

CNC Machining Aluminum Parts CNC Machining Stainless Steel Parts
CNC Machining Titanium Parts
CNC Machining Brass&Copper Parts

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