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Spray Painting Services | Industrial Painting Services

Surface Treatment After Parts Machining: Industrial Painting. 

What is Industrial spraying? Spraying method by spray gun or dish atomizer, using pressure or centrifugal force to disperse into uniform and fine mist droplets, and apply to the surface of the object to be coated.

It can be divided into air spraying, airless spraying, electrostatic spraying, and various derived methods of the above basic spraying forms, such as high-flow low-pressure atomization spraying, thermal spraying, automatic spraying, and multiple spraying groups.

PTJ Shop Supply Professional Industrial Spray Painting services for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, Kovar®, nickel, nickel alloy, Rodar® and titanium. Capable of handling parts up to +/-0.005 in. tolerance。Call us!

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Industrial Spray Painting Buttons
Industrial Spray Paint Automotive Interior Parts
Industrial painting precision gear
Industrial Spray Painting Buttons Industrial Spray Paint Automotive Interior Parts Industrial Painting Precision Gear

Application Of Industrial Spraying

  •     Arc spray
  •     Flame spray
  •     Plasma spraying
  •     Explosive spray

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PTJ Shop provides manual spraying and fully automatic spraying services.
Manual spraying: Directly spray the surface of the product by front-line operators. Now it is currently used for manual spraying of defective products after automatic spraying.
Fully automatic spraying: The product to be sprayed is fixed on a rotatable support, and then the support is locked on the assembly line. Through the movement of the assembly line and the non-stop rotation of the rotatable support, it has reached 100% uniform spraying on the product surface.

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