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Sourcing machined shoe mould components can present a mine field of technical challenges. A call to the experts at PTJ Shop is a wise first step toward establishing a trustworthy supply of quality mould.

The shoe-500 purchased by PTJ Shop is a new model specially designed for shoe mold processing. The shoe-500 adopts a self-developed Jiatie system to fully exploit the performance of the machine tool. The surface acceleration can reach a maximum of 0.4g, and the processing efficiency is increased by 50% compared to the original. The outer protection adopts a new integrated design, which saves space, has a beautiful appearance and is convenient for maintenance.

PTJ capability is a key to shoe mould quality and cost effectiveness. Learn more by contacting us for free information on beginning your next shoe mould component project.

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  View PTJ Shop Machining Shoe Mould Case studies,Contact our custom services machinists today to discuss the specifics of your complex parts.

Precision Shoe mould
Shoe Sole Mould
Metal Shoe Mould
Precision Shoe mould Shoe Sole Mould Metal Shoe Mould

Machining-Shoe Mould Industries & Applications

  •     Shoe Mold Machining
  •     5-Axis Machining Of Shoe Mold
  •     Shoe Sole Mould
  •     Shoe Hat Block Mould

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PTJ has a reputation for successfully machining the shoe mould other producers prefer not to handle. Customers can confidently design with new materials, secure in the knowledge that PTJ Shop can machine even the most exotic, Precision Shoe Mould for a quality, cost effective result.
  •    Machining Shoe Mold Advantages :  Convenient clamping, with 45-degree angle station, one clamping, multiple angles, reducing repeated clamping errors
  •    Shoe Mold Service Scope: mainly used to make leather shoes, sports shoes, slippers and uppers.

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