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Opening doors and pulling handles. 

Various scientific studies over the years have shown that door handles are one of the most common harborers for harmful bacteria, E.Coli, Staphylococcus, aureus, fungus, and viruses. Even after washing your hands in a public restroom, you will still re-contaminate your hands the second you grab the door handle to exit the restroom.

Public building entrance doors and public restrooms are found to be the worst places with the highest concentration of these germs due to the sheer number of people entering and exiting.

Public keypads such as ATMs, elevator buttons, etc., have also been shown to harbor these same strains of germs at or near the same levels you would find on a door handle or public restroom toilet seat. These areas are all hotspots for various harmful germs.The key to preventing germs is take along brass no touch door opener.

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  2020 New brass buckle ,this Hygiene Tool Lets You Open Doors & Push Buttons Without Touching Them

Since COVID-19 broke out,Our team is committed to delivering no-touch door opener solutions that you, medical professionals and patients count on, now more than ever.
 no touch door opener length:75 mm
No Touch Door Opener width:30 mm
No Touch Door Opener thickness:4 mm

No Touch Door Opener Products Description

Grade Conditions 
Material Brass
Cnc Machining / Die-casting / Stamping
Gold, silver, bronze, antique, matt, two tone plating
0.03 KG
Promotion / Souvenir / Collection
casting, engraving, painted, plated, polished, baking finish, enamel.
Back side
Sandblasted / Smooth / Laser engraving text & Logo
5-7 days working days
T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
QC Control
100% inspect before packing
Promise 24 hrs reply and welcome feedback
1piece per small polybag,200pcs per big polybag,1000 or 2000 pcs per carton

No Touch Door Opener drawing sizes

no touch door opener machining services

PTJ Shop is a specialized manufacturer of the no touch door opener,we machine full range of no touch door opener for joint buckle with brass material especially passivation products are the most advantageous products to all.

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PTJ Shop business started from metal material at first,gradually brass machining parts business were involved in and further expanded to no touch door opener. With the rich experiences to machine these components overy the years,we fully understand how to produce and deliver a licensed component to meet the requests.

Why Choose Us For No Touch Door Opener

Why buy no touch brass door opener from cnc machine shop,Below you will find a list of the in-house machining capabilities and services that we provide for no touch brass door opener.

  •     No touch door opener made of brass, the material comes with disinfection / anti-toxic properties
  •     Low price first-hand supply in china factory
  •     OEM / ODM orders are acceptable
  •     Easy to carry without cleaning.
  •     One day can produce 10000 pcs No Touch Door Opener

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We are proud to serve as our customer's single point of contact throughout their manufacturing process.

PTJ Shop is ISO9001:2015 CERTIFIED,For more information or requests of your No Touch Door Opener,please send email to us a try,we are ready to quote your program today

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