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Surface Treatment After Parts Machining: Metallic Cementation. 

Metallic cementation is a method of forming surface alloy layers by covering the surfaces of heated metals and metal diffusion at the same time. There is a method of heating the pre-plated products, as well as heating the products in powdered form of metal to be coated.

PTJ Shop Supply ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100B:2004 certified sheet metal fabrication & cnc services,surface treatment including metallic cementation services.

Materials handled include different grades of steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, phenolic & plastics. Industries served include aerospace & commercial etc.,Call us!

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Metallic Cementation Parts
Metal Skeleton Cementation
Plastic Bonding Cementation
Metallic Cementation Parts Metal Skeleton Cementation Plastic Bonding Cementation

Other Capabilities

  •     Non-structural bonding: surface bonding, sealing and functional bonding
  •     Adhesive bonding: the main function is to connect the materials to be bonded together

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The appearance of the components bonded with the adhesive is smooth and the functional characteristics are not reduced. This is particularly important for structural bonding. For example, the structural parts in the aerospace industry have a smooth and smooth appearance, which is beneficial to reducing resistance and friction, and reducing the temperature rise of friction to a minimum.

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