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Castings Precision CNC machining services with +/-0.0001 tolerance. 

The casting process has great flexibility and wide adaptability. The size of the liquid molding is almost unlimited, its weight can be from a few grams to several hundred tons, and its wall thickness can be from about 0.5mm to about 1m. In the industry, any metal material that can be dissolved into a liquid can be used for liquid molding. For cast iron with poor plasticity, liquid forming is the only way to produce its blanks or parts

PTJ Shop are custom manufacturer of precision & non-ferrous die castings.Steel. Various capabilities include milling, turning, engineering, assembly, coating, painting, anodizing, molding, designing and laser marking. Automotive, medical, agriculture, telecommunications, electronics, firearms, marine and other industries served. Specializes in medium to large production runs. JIT and Kanban delivery.

Castings CNC machining services with +/-0.0001 tolerance. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, titanium and other materials us for your new project!

machining castings china


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  View PTJ Shop Machining Castings Case studies,Contact our custom services machinists today to discuss the specifics of your complex parts.

Machining Motor side cover castings
Machining Motor end cover
Machining Motor cover
Motor side cover Motor end cover Motor cover

Machining-Castings Industries & Applications

  •     Large machinery parts
  •     Flywheel
  •     Crafts
  •     Counterweight
  •     Ductile iron
  •     Lighting base
  •     Cast iron
  •     Cast copper and aluminum

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PTJ has a reputation for successfully machining the castings other producers prefer not to handle. Customers can confidently design with new materials, secure in the knowledge that PTJ Shop can machine even the most exotic, Precision Castings for a quality, cost effective result.
  •    Metal materials for casting :  steel casting, cast iron, copper casting, aluminum casting, magnesium casting, zinc casting, titanium casting, etc;
  •    Uses of castings : Construction, hardware, equipment, engineering machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, electronics, computers, appliances, lamps and other industries

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