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A global turbomachinery development & manufacturing company that specializes in 5-axis machining of flowpath components. 

What is impeller? The impeller is not only the disc with moving blades, but also the integral part of the rotor of impulse turbine. It also refers to the general name of the disc and the rotating blades on which it is installed

5 axis machining complex shapes such as turbines or impellers. Offering more precision simple shapes like a box can be machined on 5 sides without removing it from the machine. Efficient because most or all of the work can be done in a single setup there are no delays waiting for an operator to load and unload a part.

It takes knowledge & experience to develop a reliable supply chain for impeller components.PTJ Shop's in house tooling facility can handle all Precision Machining needs. Call today!

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  PTJ Shop has experience machining open bladed impellers cut from a variety of metals. We can work on impellers up to a 24" diameter and can also grind the Hirth Coupling on the part(s) as needed. With our 5 Axis capabilities, production time is significantly reduced. Please review the pictures for examples and contact us if you have any questions.

5 axis cnc machining aluminum impeller
Cnc machining titanium impellers
5 axis cnc machining aluminum impeller Brushless motor impeller Cnc machining titanium impellers

Machining Impeller Industries & Applications

  •     Cnc Machining Impeller
  •     5-Axis Machining Of Impeller Parts
  •     3D Printed Impeller

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PTJ Shop Are ISO 9001:2015 registered. Custom manufacturer offering 5-axis machined metal&plastic impellers for electrical and electronic applications. Offers Swiss and CNC screw machining and turning with up to 0.0001 in. tolerance. Capable of producing parts with size range from 0.050 in. to 1.25 in. diameter and up to 4 in. length. Utilizes automatic machines with 5 to 11 axes and various capacities with autoloader, drilling, threading, and slotting capabilities. Just-in-time delivery is provided.
  •    Serviced :  Pump、Marine、outboard motor impeller
  •    Machining Process: 5 Axis Cnc Machining、3D Printed、Castings etc.,

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