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Use FDM 3D Printing To Custom Variable Density Parts

solve your application requirements for difficult or unusual metal parts. 

Fused deposition molding (FDM) technology is one of the most common 3D printing technologies, but not only for desktop-grade equipment, but also for industrial-grade equipment.

FDM technology is unique in that its individual parts can have different structural styles for making parts with variable density. Unlike the system preset style, strong or sparse, etc. will be applied to the entire part. Variable density allows a single part to be combined from a solid and sparse fill pattern, and the density of each area can be independently adjusted.

PTJ Shop Is Manufacturer of fused deposition modeling systems. Types, features and dimensions vary. Materials handled include FDM thermoplastics and photopolymers. Applications include aerospace, health care, architecture, education, automotive, entertainment, commercial products and consumer products.

FDM 3D Printing


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FDM Industries & Applications

  •     Oilfield parts
  •     Electronic hardware
  •     Commercial products

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Machine shop specializing in custom machined items. Numerous mills and lathes are used to hold tight tolerances. Small and large jobs are available.
  •    Advantage Machining Materials     : Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass,etc;
  •    Commonly Machining Materials : Copper, titanium, iron, zinc,etc;
  • ▶   High Grade Machining Materials : Magnesium, superalloy, heat resistant steel etc;

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