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Fuel Injection In China | Diesel Fuel Injection Services

Surface Treatment After Parts Machining: Fuel Injection 

Fuel injection Special machining that uses the impact of liquid or solid particles ejected from the nozzle at high speed to break and remove workpiece materials. Jet machining is generally divided into liquid jet processing and abrasive jet machining. The former develops rapidly and is widely used.

PTJ Shop's fuel injection service features:
1. The sprayed diesel should be mist-like, without obvious oil droplets and oil flow or uneven oil bundles.
2. There should be no oil leakage in the whole process of fuel injection. The fuel injection is crisp and there are crisp sounds.
3. The diesel sprayed by the injector is atomized into a cone without deflection.

Our fuel injection services customers have confidence in and enjoy the trusted delivery PTJ Shop offers. The commitment to superior fuel injection equipment, backed by the dedication of experienced, committed production professionals is what sets PTJ apart from the competition.Call us!

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Fuel Injection Range

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Fuel injection is an industrial product surface coating process. Generally, the fuel injection process is specialized in plastic injection, screen printing, and pad printing. It must be resistant to high temperature, friction, ultraviolet, alcohol, gasoline and other test product quality requirements. Fuel injection can make monotonous products look more beautiful after spraying various colors. At the same time, with the extra layer of protection, the product's life and service life can be extended.

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