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Electroless Plating | Electroless Coating Of Metal

Surface Treatment After Parts Machining: Electroless Plating. 

Electroless plating is also called Auto-catalytic plating. It is a new plating method in which metal ions use a plating solution are reduced to metal and deposited on the surface of a part by means of a suitable reducing agent without applying an external current.

PTJ Shop supply electroless nickel, boron nitride and black nickel plating services. Substrate materials such as aluminum,Gold, Silver, brass, copper, magnesium, steel and stainless steel are plated in black, bright, semi-bright, matte, high tech or low friction finishes. Markets served include aerospace, medical, oil and gas and automotive.

PTJ Shop Facilities include automated lines, tanks up to 10 ft. deep, and a 5-ton vertical lift capable of handling weights up to 10,000 lbs.Today call us!

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Die plated with chemical nickel
Electroless Plating Of Copper
Electroless Black Nickel Services Die Plated With Chemical Nickel Electroless Plating Of Copper

Other Applications Of Electroless Plating

  •     Electroless plating on nylon surface.
  •     Decorative plating of plastic workpiece surface.
  •     Electroless copper plating on polypropylene fiber.
  •     Electroless copper plating

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ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, AS9100C, electroless nickel plating services including high phosphorous nickel plating & nickel plating with PTFE or silicon carbide. Available for single, prototype & production quantities.
  •    Treatments :  Capable of plating with 0.0001 inch minimum thickness
  •    Hot Zones Specifications : Ultra electroless nickel high phosphorus alloys range from 10 to 12 percent phosphorus in nickel.

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