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PTJ are non-standard cnc machine shop of custom checking fixture. 

What is a checking fixture? Checking fixture is a simple tool for industrial production companies to control various sizes of products (such as aperture, space size, etc.), improve production efficiency and control quality, and is suitable for mass-produced products, such as automotive parts etc.

PTJ Shop has many years of experience producing fixtures for all phases of the prototype and production process. In our pattern shop we design, manufacture, and assemble prototype and production professional check fixtures and gages for the automotive industries. Whether it’s to help complete a complicated assembly or to validate a part to exact dimensions, we are up to the task.

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality systems makes PTJ fully compatible with fixture industry expectations. Contact us to see how we can power your next checking fixture project.

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Cnc Machining Checking Fixture Positive
Cnc Machining Checking Fixtureside
Cnc Machining Checking Fixture Back
Cnc Machining Automotive Checking Fixture Positive Cnc Machining Automotive Checking Fixture Side Cnc Machining Automotive Checking Fixture Back

Machining Automotive Checking Fixture Industries & Applications

  •     Cnc Machining Checking Fixture
  •     5-Axis Machining Of Automotive Check Fixture
  •     FDM Checking Fixtures

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We build fixtures out of many different materials depending on the function and timing desired by our customer. PTJ prides itself on trying new and innovative ways to design and build our fixtures and gages. Most recently we’ve begun growing components of our fixtures using FDM rapid prototypes to drastically cut down on timing and cost.
  •    Materials and Processes :  Aluminum, Wood, Renboard, FDM Rapid Prototypes, Body And Paint
  •    Types of Fixtures: Automotive Fixture Design,Production Check Fixture, Prototype Fixtures, Jigs,Assembly Fixture,CMM Holding Fixtures,Attribute Fixtures,Welding Fixtures,etc

automotive checking fixture cnc machining shop

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