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At the beginning of the PTJ, prototype manufacturing became the gene of the factory. In order to create better metal parts for customers, Zhouhanpin established the PTJ Hardware Factory in 2007.
Our prototyping service including,cnc machining,3D printing,sheet metal,forging etc.,
From the early simple metal processing to today's products of various materials,PTJ has always been at the forefront of the Chinese processing industry.
 In the following you will see a series of cases that can make your design composition practical – from metal parts, plastic parts and 3D printing.For more information, advice and advice on products, supplies and professions, please do not hesitate to contact us online!
You can also leave your phone and email, and our salesperson will contact you.
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PTJ Prototyping services china

  Hardware prototype parts        
  Prototype parts manufacturing  
  Prototype parts manufacturing Prototype machined parts Prototype machined parts rapid prototype machined parts  
  Material:Aluminum Material:Aluminum Material:Aluminum Material:Aluminum  
  Application:Auto equipment parts Application:Machinery parts Application:Auto equipment parts Application:Crafts parts  
  Sheet Metal Prototype parts        
  china sheet metal prototyping Automotive prototype parts prototype sheet metal stamping Small sheet metal parts  
  Material:Aluminum plate Material:Aluminum Material:Copper Material:Aluminum  
  Application:Distribution Cabinet Application:Car model Application:Chip parts Application:Electronic product  
  Cnc Lathe Rapid Prototyping parts        
  clausing lathe parts Prototype brake lathe parts Prototype Machinery parts Prototype machined parts  
  Material:Stainless steel Material:Aluminum Material:Zinc alloy Material:Magnesium  
  Application:Robot parts Application:Machinery bearings Application:Machinery parts Application:Aircraft parts  
  Plastic Prototype parts        
  Abs plastic prototype Cnc plastic prototype LED auto light parts Transparent plastic parts  
  Material:ABS Material:Acrylic Material:Acrylic Material:POM  
  Application:Electronic component Application:Beauty equipment Application:Car headlight Application:Functional hand board  
  3D Printing Prototyping parts        
  3d prototypes and models 3D Printing Assembled parts rapid prototype silicone parts 3D Printing Silicone parts  
  Material:Resin nylon Material:ABS Material:Silicone Material:Silicone  
  Application:Auto bumper Application:RP prototype Application:Halloween mask Application:Table lamp accessories  

  Why are you looking for us to serve you?      
  Virtually most of the products today are manufactured, including china rapid prototyping parts and more.
  If you inspect your iPhone, your bike, your car, all of the metal parts are most likely Prototyping Machined in China.
  The mainly reason why so many overseas customers have their parts machined in China is the price, China machining services is very cheap.
  This will directly bring down the cost of their finished products,and make them very competitive back to their local country.
  PTJ is china factory that strictly manages workshops according to ISO9001 
  Every industry has a spirit called "artisan spirit", excellence, professionalism, persistence and dedication. 
  PTJ defining artisan spirit is to rapid give the good finished products to the customers, so that the quality of the PTJ processing parts can go global.  
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