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Big aluminum heatsink for led light and Signal base station A24

Product name:Big aluminum heatsink No+Color:A24+silver Surface treatment:Passivation Product material:aluminum Proofing cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M) Application:led lighting machining factory:PTJ Product Category:high bay housing Production Process:die casting Size:250*130

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Everyone knows that mechanical parts not only have high-precision parts, but also many parts are very complicated.
Today, we 
wants to explain to you a more sophisticated and complex part made by our PTJ factory.

This is the part above!

I remember when we processed this cnc machining car parts, it broke our operators! After all, it is still difficult to process this part.Later, Li Gong,

the director of the machine, was produced with his many years of operating technology and our company's advanced CNC

processing machine!

 This has to let PTJ come to you to answer!

       1. Programming is the process of letting a computer write a program code in a programming language to solve a
problem and finally get the corresponding result.

2. CNC machining, through the CNC machining equipment according to the path set by the program, based on theraw materials of
the product, to obtain complex part shapes. (In fact, the operation is similar, mainly depends on the machine and the rich operators.)

3. Surface treatment: Some customers need surface treatment after processing. For example, customers who have made this
part need our company to help them with oxidation effect.

Oxidation cnc machining car parts-automotive hardware support

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